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Don't worry, according to Tyrone, who's the all-friend-having Nigga Space version of My Space's Tom, Nigga Space isn't about being hard or hating Whitey or anything like that.In fact, by boldly using a provocative word in the website's name, Tyrone and Nigga Space are out to strip all the negative connotations from it: "A common endearing term used by many black people is, 'nigga' not to be confused with a different and offensive term, 'nigger,'" says the site's homepage.

yet the word still has so much mixed emotions to sound cynical, but the girl on their home page looks sorta ethnic to me, in fact I'd have thought she was Hispanic; the dark roots, the eyebrows and the eyes.We got a kazillion just like that around here."Sigh", what is the world coming to?If you don't think you're a bigot and just want to reduce to zero your chance of interacting with someone who isn't Caucasian, and feel OK about joining something called, then go ahead. Plenty of the men and women on the site seem like nice people just looking for a (white) companion.It's not like they all wrote about loving violence, and more than half of them even put up what might be a real picture of themselves.

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