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*Please note, this list covers the basics and moderation actions are given on a case by case basis.The fast-moving nature of communication and the anonymity it allows are major reasons for the popularity of chat rooms.But if you cannot always be there to watch over their online activities, show them good websites offering chat and assist them when registering and chatting the first few times.You should also monitor the amount of time they are spending online.The process can be done in different ways, and these ways have implications as to the level of safety.All materials are seen and checked before publishing.

The length of time an account is moderated depends on the severity of the violations.

Here are some of the things moms and dads can do to keep chatting as safe as possible for their youngsters: Parents should have basic computer skills to be able to teach their children how to chat safely and even protect the whole family from computer viruses, fraud, and spam.

You can also get pieces of advice on chat rooms and online communities designed for parents.

In a forum, they can be whoever they want to be, giving them the chance to experiment and express with less inhibition and more risk-taking than there would be in the real world.

Although this can be great fun, liberating and healthy, it also has its negative sides of course.

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