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hapice - I'm sorry I wasn't here to continue our conversation that was pretty much "ADHD like me" in it's content.I still wish to give you whatever advice to look closer at your bf's mind and what he's thinking as best as I can know it myself. It can result in certain challenges and misunderstandings, due to the nature of the condition.However, dating someone with a dynamic personality who thinks and acts differently can be a rewarding experience. Some of its characteristics include disorganization, impulsive behavior, stimulation-seeking behaviors, difficulty concentrating, and significant fluctuation in emotions.Used to happen to me a lot, now single again, and still not sure why.My wife and I seperated 2 months ago, after 22 years, I was told about this info by a friend, I hope it helps you out Dave How Adult ADHD Affects Relationships: Strategies for Coping An adult with ADD walks into a relationship carrying a great deal of emotional baggage.

There are as many differences in adults with attention deficits as there are similarities, however.This can lead to the development of a negative and usually distorted self-image.The messages an adult with attention deficits often carries with her, as well as her ADHD traits greatly affect her relationships.In relationships, this can manifest in many ways – e.g., as a partner who: On the flip side, those with ADHD can be creative, unique in their thinking, and energetic and passionate about the things they are interested in. The key, if you are dating someone with ADHD is to educate yourself about the condition and then work with your partner to find ways to mitigate the negative manifestations.June Silney, writing for the ADD Association, has some excellent suggestions for strengthening your relationship with someone has ADHD.

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Anxiety is also a very common trait in individuals with ADHD.

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