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Rumours after insisted that Mr Bale turned down a huge pay cheque to avoid reprising the role once more, a decision that remains a particularly tantalising 'what if? Between his turns as Bruce/Batman, Bale gained a reputation as being an interesting on-set presence thanks to his famous star Will Arnett brought some comedy magic to the role and landed his own spin-off movie as a result.

It helped that movie came at the perfect time in Batman’s busy cinema schedule – long enough after that Arnett’s new iteration didn’t get lost in all the hype for Ben Affleck’s debut.

Critics also complained that his voice was too high and that he had a Boston accent.

That, of course, wouldn’t be the last time someone complained about Batman’s voice. A few years later he was out of showbiz altogether. He also filled out the Batsuit better than Lewis, with his utility belt hanging where you would expect it.

But producer Jon Peters said he cast Keaton because “The image of Batman is a big male model type, but I wanted a guy who's a real person who happens to put on this weird armor. And in 1992’s When the Batman franchise was turned over to director Joel Schumacher, Keaton decided not to return. Schumacher became interested in Kilmer for 1995’s TV series, fact fans! Kilmer allegedly accepted the role without even reading the script or knowing who the new director was.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, William Baldwin and Johnny Depp were reportedly considered as replacements. Schumacher quickly learned who Kilmer was, though, and the two clashed on the set.

Bale ignored this advice in (a film in which he wears the Batsuit a lot less, to be fair), but it was Tom Hardy's Bane vocal noises that garnered more vocal criticism from Nolan's threequel.

(One for the fact fans: the two actors also appeared together in their pre-superhero days, in a WWII anti-VD propaganda film called The man logging the most hours in the Batcave, of course, was William West Anderson, whom you probably know better as Adam West.

Either you love him for his goofy charm or hate him for blemishing the Bat’s image for several decades.

There were knowing winks in there for adult fans too, with such as dialogue as “I only work in black – and sometimes very very dark grey’ appealing to comic book fans and LEGO Batman’s painful attempts to hit a button with a Batarang surely connecting with anyone who’s ever got stuck for hours at a simple door-button in the .

After initial scepticism, vast sections of the internet seemed to warm to the idea during the film's promotional period, perhaps thanks to Affleck’s unpredictable turn in David Fincher’s novel adaptation as well as his impressive trailer brooding.

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The Caped Crusader has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in movie history – nine to be exact.

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