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You could drive where you want, and most of the time as fast as you wanted.Some car enthusiasts would have races that became known as instead of just dances.And there's no way to grasp the subversive force of this now-innocent-sounding music unless you can feel a little of what it meant to be a kid hearing it as it was played for the first time.

For another, the feel of the time has not only been forgotten but also erased. The 1950s afforded teenage culture the environment it needed to grow and become a thing of its own.With the growth of that culture new words came into play and old words took on new meaning.● Many parents were worried about their daughters adoring black rock musicians, fearing the possibility of racial commingling. All it took was a few fatal accidents and the other 99% of the custom cars and hot rods were considered a menace to public safety. Rock'n'roll music was attacked on all fronts, with records banned and smashed. ● Dancing to rock'n'roll music was often banned, with school and teen dances shut down. Rules about clothes — which clothes you could wear when. Radio DJs were ordered not to play certain songs; rock singers (especially Elvis) were condemned; and the career of rock promoter Alan Freed, the man who named the music , was destroyed by a government investigation.

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For example “How quickly in the American mythos the big bad wolf becomes when the occasion arises”.

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